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Samandar si khwahishein

Jyada khwahishein nahi aaj mere dil mein,

Vakt k sath kisi din shaunk badal jaye, toh aur baat hai !
Achha aur sachcha insaan banna hi abhi toh armaan hai,
Vakt isse behtar kuch bana jaye, toh aur baat hai !
Dene ko bahut kuch hai meri rooh k khazaane mein,
Kisi din koi roohana lene wala mil jaye, toh aur baat hai !
Hai jyada gamm ya pyaar iss Dil mein,
Kisi din koi cheerr k bata jaye, toh aur baat hai !
Chala jaunga kahin door aayega jab vakt binbataye,
Par jo tu kabhi karti rahegi mera intezar, toh aur baat hai !
Na hota roz aisa shayarana andaaz mera,
Kisi din khuda meharbaan ho jaye, toh aur baat hai !
Kabhi Kabhi aa jaate hain aise khayal zehan se,
Kisi din aadat bann jaye, toh aur baat hai ! 🙂 🙂

Cricket – A well pitched life


Cricket – a game that almost all Indians have grown up watching, playing and enjoying religiously. I have been no exception to having a childhood dream of becoming a cricketer, however, I never pursued the dream seriously as a professional life goal. In April this year, I was given an opportunity to live that dream to a very small extent but the experience was fantastic. With the onset of cricketing extravaganza, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 and India’s winning streak, specially the electrifying battle with Pak, I decided to publish this piece which was lying in my drafts for some time now.

Every year, as a part of engaging the alumni of my alma mater, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI), a cricket tournament is organised. I have had the honour to be on the Board of EDI Alumni Association(EDIAA) and have been actively involved in organising EDI Premiere League (EPL) over the past three years. It is the flagship event of EDIAA wherein maximum number of alumni participate, many even come to Ahmedabad from different parts of the country to play the game, network and bond with everyone. This year, one of the franchisees decided to not buy the team (yes, the format of the tournament is quite similar to IPL except for the fact that you buy the team with real money but pick the players via auction within a limited number of points), and I was insisted on buying a team myself for the tournament to happen successfully. Thankfully one of my batchmates, Meet Jain, with whom I had played in previous seasons, agreed to be my co-owner without giving any second thoughts. At that time, our only purpose was to enjoy the game in our own way and didn’t think about winning the tournament.

Here are some of the lessons I learnt from this wonderful experience:
1) An open mind, opens various doors
I had played cricket passionately during my school and college days, I used to be an all-rounder player as well as captained my teams. However, in the last decade or so, my interest in this sport had subsequently reduced as I didn’t play enough. In fact, in the last 3 years, my only encounter with cricket had been EPL. I had even given up on batting and only focused on bowling, that too medium pace. This year’s tournament gave me a chance to emerge from an ordinary player to a valuable player as well as a fairly successful captain and I think keeping an open mind played a crucial role in the entire process. Since I had been only playing once a year, I felt like the net practice was key to improve my game and that of others. I regularly took inputs from other younger players of our team, which not only helped me get better at bowling but also led me to relearn the sport. I contributed to the team by taking 5 wickets in 5 matches and 6 dismissals while fielding.
It is rightly said, the mind is like a parachute, it works only when it is open. There is no age or time to unlearn, relearn and learn new things. History is full of examples where imminent personalities have achieved so much by keeping their mind open and constantly working on improving themselves.

2) Master the art of observation
I have always been a keen observer and similarly when it came to previous seasons of EPL, I have been observant right from the time a franchise owner would scout for players and bid accordingly in the auction. A good team on paper isn’t a confirmation for winning the tournament but it certainly does help to have a team with a majority of A category players. When we got into auction, I had done my homework on a few players and prepared a tentative list. During the auction, while I was bidding for players, Meet was forming a team on paper and keeping a check on the balance between batsmen & bowlers. At the end of the day, we had a fairly decent team which had the capacity to give a fight to other seemingly stronger teams. The practice sessions gave me an opportunity to observe the game of our players and motivate everyone to work on their areas of improvement while sharpening their strengths. Having played EPL earlier, I was aware of the mindset of other team owners & captains. I took inspiration from their positives and created a rough strategy to target their limitations which made a difference while playing the tournament.
I believe that you can always learn from observations. The curiosity to learn from your surroundings helps keep you on your toes mentally and there is no limit on gaining insights. It expands your mind and brings in different perspectives to a certain thing or situation.

3) Small steps lead to big changes
Our first match was against a team which had not just been finalists in last 3 years but also won the trophy twice. Some of our teammates had come from outside Ahmedabad and it was the first time we met them before the match began. I knew that winning this game would lift the morale of our team, so the focus was to first get the best out of our local regular players and gradually give responsibility to the outsiders. My message to the team was simple, to just play our natural game, go ahead over by over as things progress. Initially, we had a few errors due to lack of coordination on the field but as soon as we started taking wickets of the opponents, the players got into the rhythm and with contribution of each one of them, we won the first match like a boss! Our opening pair finished the innings without giving their wickets and it raised our confidence to the next level. We approached the consecutive games with the same mindset and eventually got to the top of the points table unbeaten in the tournament.
Sometimes we are too much focused on the end goal, which might be a thousand miles away, but we miss out on the small steps which ultimately lead to either a delay in reaching our target or falling off the path. It is important to give your best at the present moment and keep walking in the right direction with perseverance and patience.

4) Take advice but do what feels right to you
For the first two matches, my co-owner was managing things on the field as he has been regularly playing cricket every week since many years and knows the dynamics of the game better than me. However, in the third match, somehow the onus of decision making in the field came on me. Initially, I was a little bewildered and kept asking for suggestions from a few of my teammates who were close to me. At one point in time, a few other players joined in and kept telling me what changes should be done which left me confused even further. I took a brief moment and told myself that I will follow my own instinct, trust my understanding of the game and take my own decisions. I had to make a certain change in the bowling which was a tough decision as that would have left some key players unhappy, but it was much required for us to win the game. The result was that we won the match and my move was appreciated by many. Since then, I had been in-charge of captaincy for all the games and I made decisions in the favor of the team without looking at individual interests.
In life, many a times we approach others for decisions that affect our life in small and big ways. I have been someone who always listens to others and specially in those particular areas where I consider others to be better than me, I have based my decisions on their words. It is easy to get influenced and even when the other person might be correct in their opinion, their advice may not necessarily work for you. Always listen to your gut, apply your mind and take your decisions accordingly. It is an important lesson that I have learnt lately that you should not take an emotional decision just because it will upset people who are the closest to you. Consider the bigger picture and choose what is in the best interest and highest good in that situation.

5) Magic happens when you surrender to the higher force

I had this ritual of surrendering to Lord Krishna before walking on the ground for toss, before the innings began, before arranging the field and before each ball that I bowled. I used to let Him be the charioteer while I focused on my dharma/duty. I gave my best in the game, bowled really well, took wickets, fielded much beyond my own expectations (had the highest number of dismissals next to a wicket keeper’s tally and the commentator would candidly joke that BCCI is so impressed with my fielding that they want me to be Indian cricket team’s fielding coach😂😂), kept the spirit of the team high and led from the front.
It is very easy and natural for us to work from ego consciousness and think that everything is under our control. We want credit in our name for the achievements and most often than not look for someone to blame or find an excuse in case of any loss or failure. But the real magic happens when we shift from ego to surrender and let the higher force sail us through the journey. It not only makes it easier but also worthwhile.☺☺

So, this was all about my learning from the amazing experience I had playing the tournament. Cricket is a team sport and ultimately, it is the team effort and contribution of each and every individual that leads to victory and with no exception, we emerged out as winners lifting the much coveted trophy of EPL. I thank all my teammates, opponents, organizers and supporters for giving me this opportunity to learn and grow. Cheers to SPARTANS! Aahoo! Aahoo! Aahoo!
I hope this piece of article adds value in your journey and I pray that you emerge as a winner in life☺☺
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रूहानी रिश्ता


वो था एक ग्वाला,
वो एक आहिर कन्या,
प्यार उनका था पवित्र,
था उनका रूहानी रिश्ता |

मिलते थे वे जब-जब,
हो जाती राधा स्तब्ध,
हर बार स्वरूप कृष्ण का,
कुछ अलग सा लगता,
न जाने क्यों फिर भी,
सब जाना-पहचाना सा लगता,

सोच थी ये उसकी,
या राज़ था कोई गहरा,
पूछा जो उसने सवाल,
था वक़्त गया ठहर |

हाथों में हाथ डाले,
आंखों में आंख डाल,
हल्की सी मुस्कुराहट के साथ,
दिया कृष्ण ने जवाब,

ये रिश्ता हमारा है बड़ा रूहानी,
बंधन ये प्यार का है सदियों पुराना,
विस्मित करते तुझे जो भिन्न स्वरुप मेरे,
दिलाते याद तुझे तेरे विगत जन्मों की,
देखेगी जब तु भी इन्हें आत्मदृष्टि से,
देख पायेगी निज स्वरूप उन्हीं जन्मों के |

P.S. The credit for editing this poem goes to my soulful maasi, Meera Dhankani 🙂

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When you have to live a decision lifelong, be wise!


It has been more than a year since I wrote a new blog post. 2018 had definitely been a shift as my previous blog suggested, keeping aside the fact that I didn’t write anything significant, a lot many things have changed positively in my life. After having been away for so long, I finally ‘decided’ to lift my pen and share my thoughts on decision-making (though the topic is more about key decisions that may be taken in a moment but have to be lived for one’s lifetime).

All of us have gone through the process of making a life changing decision and I am sure it must have not been easy for everyone. It could be selecting a suitable course to pursue graduation/post graduation, taking up a particular job or starting a new business or career in general, choosing the right person to marry or deciding not to marry, and more. During initial years of our life, majority of our decisions are taken by our parents. We certainly respect and trust them, however, we may miss out the fact that the decision taken by any individual is on the basis of his or her own capacity of understanding the situation and their own abilities. So when a parent decides that his or her child should become a doctor, no matter the child is capable enough or not, their decision can make or break the child’s life. Similarly, influencing an adult son or daughter to choose a certain person as their life partner can also impact the fate of not just their child but also their partner and the families involved.

I am a fan of this show called as RadhaKrishna (the only thing I watch on TV ardently). Let me share two incidents from Radha’s life and look at how the decisions could have shattered her life and of her family. Krishna who loves Radha immensely and eternally is on a mission to remove all the vices (vikara) inside her. This particular episode relates to helping her free herself from anger. Radha is apparently angry on Krishna because he didn’t acknowledge the fact when Radha shared in front of everyone that she loves him dearly. He simply said that his love for Radha is different than hers (she was still under the influence of moha/attachment). This angers Radha and she keeps fuming by not just the sight of Krishna but even thoughts about him. Her father under someone’s influence decides to let Radha get married and save his face in the society before something goes wrong with Radha & Krishna. She is shown a suitor who appears to be well mannered, adjusting as well as obedient. Radha only looked at his external self and more importantly to be revengeful of Krishna, gave in to her parent’s request of getting married to Vyomesh. Krishna gets to know that Vyomesh is none other than Vyomasura, an asura sent in disguise by Kansa to abduct Radha and attack Krishna. Krishna takes the form of a Gopi and gets closer to Radha while she prepares for her engagement with Vyomesh. He tries to help her assess her decision with clarity but she is adamant on seeing Krishna in pain when she marries Vyomesh. She does realize certain things and wants to back off from her marriage after the failed engagement ceremony but she isn’t able to gather courage to speak to her father whom she had given a promise to marry the person of his choice and fearing the damage in his reputation as mukhiya of Barsana. On the day of her marriage, Krishna finally reveals it to her the real identity of Vyomesh, who then attacks Krishna when he learns that it is him in the form of Gopi. The entire village including Radha’s parents witness the asura swaroop of Vyomesh and when he is killed, they take a sigh of relief that Radha was saved for life. Their decision of getting her married to the decent looking individual, Vyomesh was wrong.

I will cite an example of my personal life, although it didn’t result in a wrong decision. Almost 3 years ago, I got in touch with a matrimonial prospect whose family had approved of me (yes, for the boy to be eligible to speak to the girl, he has to first go through a screen test telephonically and physically by her parents). Thankfully, they allowed me to talk to her over the phone. We spoke for about a week or so and they had plans to arrange for the second round of meeting, this time including the girl herself. I had a pleasant telephonic conversation with her and there was no reason for me to not go ahead with the next meeting. However, I decided to not meet her. The reason was simple, I did not feel a connection with her, despite she being a polite, well mannered and an intelligent girl. I was told by my parents and close relatives that there is no harm in meeting the girl, one should not reject without having seen someone in person. I respected their views patiently. I had shared my decision quite honestly with the girl and she had politely agreed to it. We stayed in touch as friends having best wishes for each other.
However, after a year or so, I happened to visit the city where this girl lived. She was still single and so came in this request of family to meet her once. I decided to give it a shot and met her twice in a span of a couple of days. This girl had no flaw or any virtue or behaviour of her for me to say NO and this time my family had also met her and found her to be really nice. I always had and still have immense respect for her, but I decided to not take it ahead because the bottom line of connection was missing between the two of us. Some of you can argue that connection happens with time and it is foolish to let go someone who ticks all the checkboxes in your list. But my decision to have a certain connection with someone to get married to, remained intact.


Second incident from Radha’s life, this is the ongoing episode where her father meets an accident and is bed ridden due to conspiracy of someone close. It was Kansa’s plan to get him killed but when he didn’t die, he wants Radha to fall in a trap, so that he can attack her in order to take away power of Krishna, because Radha is Krishna’s shakti. Kansa calls upon mukhiyas of all the villages to meet him or he will increase their taxes. Krishna gets a hint of it and cautions Radha to not take up mukhiya’s position in absence of her father. However, Radha’s father under the spell of bad forces in his half awakened state, instinctively hints at calling her Radha Rani when the conspirators ask him to choose the next mukhiya to meet Kansa. Radha gets emotional, thinking that she can’t disobey her father and will act as per his wishes to be the saviour of their village. She seeks Krishna’s help, who refuses to do so stating that it is his job to stop her from becoming mukhiya as she is not ready for it and if she does so, there are chances of her life getting into trouble. Radha then decides to stick to her father’s wish and gets crowned as the head of the village. What happens next will be revealed next week but the underlining thought here is that even after getting warned by her beloved Krishna, whom she trusted like no other, she gave in and took an emotional decision.

Talking about my personal life, when I completed 12th science, I had to take the decision of choosing the stream of education for bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately, I was the first one in the family to take up science education and there wasn’t much of a guidance to look forward to. When I was asked by my parents, I told them I want to pursue business education later on, probably an MBA and then start my own venture (saying something like this to the family of bankers wasn’t easy but thankfully my parents were all ears for me). Some guidance from here and there led to the conclusion that mechanical engineering plus MBA is the best recipe for success. I took up mechanical engineering and even though after 15 days or so, I had a chance to switch to Computers and my parents asked me if I wanted to do so, I stuck around with my decision to pursue mechanical (I don’t know what motivated me in the class of all boys while the scene was different in Computers 😁). It turned out to be a wrong decision for me because gradually I realized that mechanical wasn’t my cup of tea and I desperately wanted to finish the degree. I started preparing for CAT and other competitive exams early on and scored more than 90%ile in each one. To cut the story short, I did take up business entrepreneurship education and happily graduated with silver medal. (Don’t ask me the name of the entrepreneur who put on that medal on me at the convocation ceremony at EDI😬). However, the business idea with which I lived my 2 years during PGDM didn’t materialize as I realized that F&B business wasn’t meant for me when I worked in the field and met many restaurateurs. Finally, I did start a venture of my choice in the internet domain, which apparently had to close down in a span of 18 months and later on I ventured into the field of digital marketing. I have since then been more in touch with my friends from Computer engineering & understand their work better as compared to mechanical. Wrong decision to choose mechanical took me quite a few years to walk towards my calling of getting into IT & ITES industry.

The point I wanted to make by citing the above mentioned examples from my personal life and the mythology is that one has to be wise before taking a decision which will have a lifelong impact. Thankfully my parents have always shared their opinion but never forced anything upon me. I have taken decisions based on my understanding of the situation and my capabilities. I might have failed early on but I didn’t give in by making decisions based on pleasing my family or getting emotionally attached to it.

You can and you should always look at a situation from different angles, listen to opinions of your family members & experts, carefully list down the pros and cons and then ultimately listen to your heart before taking the decision. For listening to your heart, you need to slow down a little and practice mindfulness. You should always aim at being authentic i.e. being true to yourself and consider options that are aligned to what’s truly important for you. Remember that fear is a product of mind and love of heart. Love takes you in the direction of truth while fear deceives you. Your decisions should come from the space of love and not fear. Finally, this is something I have learnt recently, before taking a decision, one must fully & genuinely surrender to the higher power or the God you have faith in. When you say, ‘Shri Krishna Sharnam Mamah’ and take the decision, you let Him guide you leaving aside your ego and when He holds your hands, the path aligns to your life’s purpose! 🙂

So, even if you have taken a decision of choosing a particular stream of education due to parental pressure, you can always be bold to drop out and start afresh in the stream of your choice. Similarly, you can ditch that lucrative job which pleases your family, relatives & friends and start your own food truck if that’s what your heart desires. You can politely fight against your family who doesn’t want you to take up a job at all but wants you to be imprisoned inside the cage of your home. You can still be genuine to yourself, your fiancé, both the families and call off marriage even after getting engaged to an amazing man who ticks the checkboxes in everyone’s list but doesn’t click on your heart button. In the end, it is your life and when you take its ownership, you have to take decisions wisely! May Lord give strength and wisdom to each one of us to take decisions in alignment with our calling.😊😊

P.S. Thank you for taking time out to read a long post. Your feedback/suggestions will be appreciated 🙂


2018 has to be THE SHIFT


So the year 2017, the year which has been a roller coaster ride (as described by majority of my friends on social media), has finally come to an end and a new year, 2018 has arrived with fresh hopes and vigour !

Don’t you think that each year, a lot of us feel the same and yet we fail to put in conscious efforts consistently to actually bring a real positive change in our lives? Most of the times, we believe the world happens to us and not that we create the world around us.

Let us pledge, and not just make a resolution, 2018 cannot just be a Change of Year, it needs to be a Change of Consciousness !

Change of Consciousness will involve a shift in our ideologies, thoughts, feelings and actions. We will still see the world with the same eyes but we will see the world differently and react differently.

Let us SHIFT from –

1) Apathy to Exuberance

We are so engrossed in our problems and life in general that we lack interest in taking new initiatives for ourselves and also become indifferent to needs and emotions of others. We need to bring a shift by living each day of life with enthusiasm and meeting each other with cheerfulness & empathy.

2) Fear to Faith

Fear of unknown needs to be replaced by the power of faith in facing all situations fearlessly.

3) Despair to Hope

When you are surrounded by darkness, it is natural to feel dejected but it is worth looking for a ray of hope and walk towards it.

4) Doubt to Trust

It is easy to doubt others but the key to having a peaceful mind is to trust. We need to first trust ourselves, do what we say, have confidence in ourselves and deliver our promises. Trusting ourselves empowers our soul and gives courage to trust others.

5) Dislike to Love

We dislike people for some of their actions/personality and often end up feeling negative emotions towards them. We need to stop giving power to the negativity by reacting to it and instead send love without even having the need to interact with them. At the same time, we need to stop disliking ourselves for our faults or limitations and rather shift our focus to our strengths & good deeds and love ourselves.

6) Blame to Responsibility

When we blame and criticize others, we are avoiding some truth about ourselves. We need to take the responsibility and fix the problem in first place.

7) Irritation to Patience

In a world full of distractions, we get irritated in the blink of an eye. Without patience, we will learn less in life. We will see less. We will hear less. We will feel less. Hence, patience is a pre-requisite to live more !

8) Anger to Calmness

The constant struggle with self and others leads to losing our temper easily. We need to practice calmness and try to stay away from reacting harshly to a person or a situation. Speaking less and listening more also helps one avoid a heated argument.

9) Expectations to Acceptance

When you learn to accept instead of expect, you will have fewer disappointments.

10) Ego to Humility

Our ego is our soul’s worst enemy. When we let go of the ego, we find ourselves in others and others in ourselves.

11) Gloominess to Bliss

Life is indeed tough but so are you ! When we count our blessings, live in the present and give & receive unconditional love, we experience bliss !

Even if we practice 4 out of these 11 points, we will see our lives change for the better. I know it is easier said than done, but I am sure all of us have the potential to be the change we wish to see this year !

2018 has to be THE SHIFT !

Wishing you all a year full of positive shift and emotional & physical well being 🙂

Disclaimer: I am as imperfect as you are. I am not here to preach anything. This post is inspired from things I have been reading on internet and listening to Brahmakumaris Sister Shivani.

These points will first serve as a  reminder to me for bringing the shift. Purpose of the blog is to share the learning and be useful in a small way. 

If you wish to discuss any of the points in detail, please feel free to connect with me on social networks or simply comment on this post. Let us learn from each other and evolve 🙂

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Pyaar, ek sundar paheli


Vo kehte hain unse pyaar na ho payega,

Vo darte hain koi nazdik aa kar fir chala jayega,

Ek baar tootkar, mushkil se jo sambhal rahe hain,
Firse tootne ka dard, unse kaise dekha jayega,
Sapne sirf sapne hi hote hain,
Sachhayi ka samna unse na ho payega,
Apni khushi, apne pyaar ko paane,
Zamane se ladne ki himmat kaun jutayega,
Apne zehan mein chupe har darr pe,
Koi kaise jeet dilayega,
Dil pe lage gehre zakhm pe,
Koi kaise marham lagayega !

Apne dil ka darwaza band rakhe,
Vo rishte nibhane chal pade hain,
Sochte hain ki jaise taise,
Ye jeevan chalta jayega,
Apne sukh suvidha ki cheezon se,
Mann ko khush rakhna aayega !

Yaad rahe, ye zindagi badi anmol hai,
Har lamha hai ishwar ka uphaar,
Apne andar ki khushi bhul kar,
Kab tak dilasa mil payega,
Kudrat ka ye niyam anokha hai,
Jo nihswarth dega, vo payega beshumaar,
Khud ko pyaar dena shuru kar,
Dusro ko dena aa jayega,
Sansaar k sukh dukh mein,
Sirf pyaar hi naiyaa paar lagayega !🙂🙂


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Love and Attachment

We are often confused when it comes to understanding whether our feeling is that of love or attachment, isn’t it? While a lot of us think that love is complicated, the reality is that love is one of the simplest emotions and the most precious gift to mankind.

Here are few pointers based on my personal understanding of these emotions:

Love is for giving. Attachment wants you to seek a lot of things.
When you are in love, you want to give all that you have. What matters the most is to do everything to make your partner happy, for their happiness is your happiness. On the other hand, attachment is when you seek time, attention, words, gifts, physical desires, material things, etc from your partner. You want him/her to do something for you to be happy.
Love is forgiving. Attachment is holding grudges.
Love makes you forget the mistakes of your partner. A fight or argument doesn’t hold any place in your heart for longer duration because it is occupied with deeper love for your beloved. When you are attached, you indulge into blame game and hold grudges more than the moments you cherish the togetherness.

Love is acceptance. Attachment is expecting to change other person.

When you love someone, you accept them with their strengths as well as weaknesses, without judging them. You encourage each other to be the best version of yourself without feeling the need to control one another. In case of attachment, you keep nagging other person to change so that you feel good about them.

Love is fearless. Attachment is insecure.

When you are in love, you fear nothing, not even separation. Love is when you can let go of someone and his/her name can only bring a smile on your face. Attachment is when you are afraid to lose someone and you can’t think of letting go of him/her and looking back only hurts/angers you.

Love is calm. Attachment is storm.

Patience is what you develop when you are in love as you value the effort you have put in to love someone deeply. Attachment lets you lose your mind and take charge of your heart proving it to be a superficial feeling.
Love is to discover your true self. Attachment is to lose yourself.
Love lets you find answers to questions in your life and brings out your true self. Attachment makes you feel lost and raises questions about your life.

Love feeds your soul. Attachment feeds your body/mind/ego.

They say, when “I” is replaced by “We”, even ‘illness’ turns into ‘wellness’. Love touches those parts of you which are not visible to your eyes or your sense of touch. It stays with you forever, for love is eternal. On the other hand, attachment proves your feelings are temporary and dry down once they stop serving the purpose of your body/mind/ego.

If you have not yet experienced love, I wish you receive this wonderful gift soon in your life. If you have mostly got attached, I hope you get to experience something higher and deeper as early as possible 🙂 🙂

Please do share your feedback/suggestions/experiences on this topic.

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