Love and Attachment

We are often confused when it comes to understanding whether our feeling is that of love or attachment, isn’t it? While a lot of us think that love is complicated, the reality is that love is one of the simplest emotions and the most precious gift to mankind.

Here are few pointers based on my personal understanding of these emotions:

Love is for giving. Attachment wants you to seek a lot of things.
When you are in love, you want to give all that you have. What matters the most is to do everything to make your partner happy, for their happiness is your happiness. On the other hand, attachment is when you seek time, attention, words, gifts, physical desires, material things, etc from your partner. You want him/her to do something for you to be happy.
Love is forgiving. Attachment is holding grudges.
Love makes you forget the mistakes of your partner. A fight or argument doesn’t hold any place in your heart for longer duration because it is occupied with deeper love for your beloved. When you are attached, you indulge into blame game and hold grudges more than the moments you cherish the togetherness.

Love is acceptance. Attachment is expecting to change other person.

When you love someone, you accept them with their strengths as well as weaknesses, without judging them. You encourage each other to be the best version of yourself without feeling the need to control one another. In case of attachment, you keep nagging other person to change so that you feel good about them.

Love is fearless. Attachment is insecure.

When you are in love, you fear nothing, not even separation. Love is when you can let go of someone and his/her name can only bring a smile on your face. Attachment is when you are afraid to lose someone and you can’t think of letting go of him/her and looking back only hurts/angers you.

Love is calm. Attachment is storm.

Patience is what you develop when you are in love as you value the effort you have put in to love someone deeply. Attachment lets you lose your mind and take charge of your heart proving it to be a superficial feeling.
Love is to discover your true self. Attachment is to lose yourself.
Love lets you find answers to questions in your life and brings out your true self. Attachment makes you feel lost and raises questions about your life.

Love feeds your soul. Attachment feeds your body/mind/ego.

They say, when “I” is replaced by “We”, even ‘illness’ turns into ‘wellness’. Love touches those parts of you which are not visible to your eyes or your sense of touch. It stays with you forever, for love is eternal. On the other hand, attachment proves your feelings are temporary and dry down once they stop serving the purpose of your body/mind/ego.

If you have not yet experienced love, I wish you receive this wonderful gift soon in your life. If you have mostly got attached, I hope you get to experience something higher and deeper as early as possible 🙂 🙂

Please do share your feedback/suggestions/experiences on this topic.

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2 thoughts on “Love and Attachment

  1. I just want to say WOW! This post was great! I needed this. I’m actually working on a similar post, but this was good to hear from someone else versus trying to self-counsel myself. Great work! Keep it up!


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