Hindi · Poetry

बस यही पल है

कोई किसी की यादों में है डूबा,
तो कोई किसी के ख्यालों में है उलझा,
कोई अपने आने वाले कल पर नजर रखे है चल रहा,
तो कोई अपने बीते हुए कल को देखे है जा रहा,
किसी का दिल, किसी के लौट आने की कर रहा है पुकार,
तो किसी को किसी से मिलने का है इंतजार,
ना समझा कोई, ना जाना किसी ने,
जो पल है, वो यहीं है,
जो जाता है, वो कभी आपका था नहीं,
जो आपका है, वो कहिं जायेगा नहीं !
Life · Poetry


There are days when you only see the darkness,
And it seems there is no scope for brightness,
When everything around you makes you gloomy,
And your heart fills with nothing but despair.

At that very moment, my dear friend,
Right thing to do is pause and reflect,
Only in the darkness, stars light up the sky,
Remember how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly,
There is always some light at the end of the tunnel,
Let the hope keep passing through life’s funnel.

Only then can you see the brighter side of things,
The darkness vanishes, your heart does spring,
The gloomy thoughts fade along with despair,
Let the light of hope illuminate your life forever !


Win over depression

April 7th was celebrated as World Health Day ! Majority of the times, you must have read or heard about the importance of physical health. However, emotional health is often not discussed much. It was great to see our honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi emphasising on talking about depression, an emotional state that one goes through very easily these days. Celebrities and influential people today are opening up and talking about it and the way they have faced it in their lives. Kudos to all those who have come out of it and more power & love to one and all 🙂

Below are some of my thoughts on depression and how can one win over it !


First, let us try and understand the reason why people get into such a state. If you observe closely, you will realize that the emotional strength of everyone is getting lower day by day. We get irritated, angered, disappointed and upset very soon. We all are facing challenges in life every now and then and since the stress levels around us are so high that we give-in to the situations and let the negativity control our mind. We either feel like a helpless victim or we pretend to be strong and fight with our ego taking the lead. It is when, we stop thinking positively and fill ourselves with despair, we slip into depression. We keep looking for help outside but we don’t realize that the solution & answers are already inside us.


I think we all need to accept the situation and emotions attached to it. Here, acceptance means to be alert as well as be calm and accept that an incident or a situation has brought disappointment to me. Acceptance should come with detachment of hurt or pain. When we accept it, the negativity loses its control on us. It is only when we fight against it, there is this constant struggle and things get worse. Now that we are calm & know that these emotions are not good for me, we should try to find out how can we replace it with positive emotions.


We need to look at things we are thankful for, even though we might be able to find just one or two of them. It is required, because to remove darkness, even the smallest source of light is very important. Once we practice gratitude, we attract things to be grateful for in future. Slowly and gradually, we need to appreciate the good things in life and embrace them. Here, it is also important to give positive strokes to one’s own self because it is when you are low, you need to pat your back for the smallest good deed you do, or a gesture that makes you happy about yourself.


Start finding reasons to love yourself. I repeat, start loving yourself. Love for one’s self should be unconditional and void of judgements. You should not only forgive and forget others’ wrong doings but also your own. When you do that and love yourself, you lift yourself higher and higher. Look at the things that make you happy and also give happiness to others. At times, you may not want to do anything for yourself, in such a case, your focus should shift on giving unconditional love and engaging in random acts of kindness. When you make others happy, or for that matter, any emotion that you pass on to others, the first effect of that emotion is on your own self. So if you give love, love touches your soul and then reaches to other person. Hence, they say, what you give, you get. It is just that when we do something for someone and expect similar actions from others, and when we don’t see it coming, we tend to get upset. Thus, we need to be alert and understand that all the love that I am giving to others is first touching me and I am happier and better than before. Such constant acts of positivity will replace the negative emotions inside you and you will come out of the situation as a winner, effortlessly.


I personally feel that right from the childhood, we should also focus on developing EQ i.e emotional quotient. Everybody has taught us how to study hard and do good in life but very few of us have been raised in a way wherein we learn how to face disappointments and not get trapped into it. Knowing how to handle our emotions is something very crucial in today’s life and all of us, who have handled it well during our life, in some or the other way, should help others get emotionally stronger 🙂

Thanks for taking your time to read and I hope you will reflect to the thoughts I have shared. I would be happy to hear your feedback or suggestions. Cheers !


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Life · Poetry


When the sun has set,

And the darkness creeps in,

As you walk towards the wall,

And switch on the light,

It takes away the gloom,

And brightens up your room,

If ever in life you feel murky,

And you are lost in anxiety,

When everything seems very difficult,

And nothing looks rosy,

Don’t ever lose heart, my dear friend,

Just walk towards the wall of our friendship,

I will be that switch which turns on,

And lift your spirits high ! 🙂🙂

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Hindi · Poetry

Ye Zindagi

Deti hai hume thodi khushi thoda gum

Ye zindagi,

Hasaati hai kabhi aur rulaati hai kabhi
Ye zindagi,

Milaati hai sabse aur judaa karti hai kisi se
Ye zindagi,

Sach hai kya aur jhuth hai kya, fark batlati hai
Ye zindagi,

Badalte hain log aur badalta hai vakt, dikhlati hai
Ye zindagi,

Daraati hai kabhi aur hausla badhati hai kabhi
Ye zindagi,

Giraati hai kabhi aur akash mein udna sikhati hai kabhi
Ye zindagi,

Har pal ko khul kar jeeyo, kya pata fir na mile
Ye zindagi !